Dromund Thrack Group came into existence when Mr. Tahir N. Bajwa launched a company called “Cistys LLC” in Jumeirah Village, Dubai, UAE in the famous year of 2012. It was a third venture he entered into, The second being AACP LLC in Abu Dhabi, UAE , a real estate services and contracting company that also specialized in erection and maintenance of telecommunication towers in all over the United Arab Emirates, However The First leg of  Dromund Thrack was “Enter The Internet World” an IT company that offered services in Dubai UAE.

Customer Satisfaction

AATW LLC in Bussiness Bay Dubai, that  operated in the fields of engineering, interior decor and designing as a turn-key solutions provider became the fourth company under the umbrella of Dromund Thrack Group, while Cistys continued to emerge as a superstore that catered the needs of Jumeirah Village Residents being the first superstore in the community “ETIW’ operations and ambitions were transferred to Pakistan in 2013 with a new name of Cozmuler Pvt Ltd.

Cozmuler Pvt Ltd took its shape in Islamabad, being an IT firm that straight-away initiated development on many landmark projects that Mr. Tahir carried in his head for a long time, brainstorming and chalking the roadmap for, some of them are highly unique and exclusive in nature while others only suitable to fulfill demand and supply gap particularly in sub-continent and in general various regions of the world.

The Group then engaged itself in energy, power, engineering and MEP services in 2014 with the advent of Cozmuler Engineering Pvt Ltd, however only after a year or so Mr. Bajwa pulled out all his shares from this company and transferred the same scope and services to Land Buster Pvt Ltd and Cozmuler Engineering that is no more part of our family, Land Buster Pvt Ltd has expanded itself into Real Estate, Consultancy, Marketing and various other fields in Pakistan.

The Journey continued and Evafons Pvt Ltd  (Engineering Innovation, Renewable Energy & Scientific Research Platform) Joined the group in the year of 2018. Aladal Pvt Ltd in Lahore and Creative Homes Pvt Ltd in Rawalpindi are the sister concerns.

Miscellany being the core value from the beginning, Dromund Thrack has unleashed its aspirations on a terrain that never fails to surprise, we continue to venture into diversified markets, targeting various geographical regions while gearing up for tapping into the real world beyond borders.



Dromund Thrack Group is one of the emerging conglomerates in the region. It is not a mere cluster of businesses longing for returns and growth, but an association of various ventures functioning on the basis of integrity, unity and faith. We aspire to bring change in the course of history by undertaking and fulfilling our subjective obligations in the capacity yet untapped and unrivaled in the world. Dromund Thrack is sailing through its stages of accomplishments and is rock-solid to fulfill its revolutionary multilateral goals and objectives.


We believe in the world that exists within us, and our vision is to venture inwards in order to discover and conquer anything and everything that we can serenely create outwards, through our exceptionally exuberant capabilities that ultimately reflect our built-in divine creativity.


A very naive yet sedately conclusive mission that Dromund Thrack has come into being for, is to achieve the unthinkable for ourselves and clients alike, and to make a difference by creating distinctive value when it comes to setting new trends in services and support. Our trademark of peculiarity is that we hold ourselves responsible for delivering the best to businesses, organizations, private clients and the world as a whole.



Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, hence we aim to gratify our customer needs by making sure that required output has been delivered in the desired manner.


We at Dromund Thrack rely on the principles of allegiance, veracity and utmost fidelity.


We believe in ourselves and the ultimate purpose of our business, which is not just to innovate but to create. We seek to ameliorate this world through our unique creations.


Our dynamic team of seekers is driven by sheer enthusiasm of fulfilling our mission and objectives by truly believing in the core values and vision of the group.


We do not limit ourselves to a confined terrain, instead we hanker after diversity and multiplicity.

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