Research & Development in almost all fields of engineering has become our prime focus since 2018, two of Dromund Thrack’s subsidiaries are dedicated to conduct research, develop and produce solutions through which our multifarious capacity building efforts meet with financial gains. We also offer a comprehensive array of services regarding project management and project consultancy. Our highly proficient and detailed oriented professionals provide you with the best consultancy ranging from preliminary analysis of business requirements, its scope, potential audience, relevant stake holders, risk assessment, and then coming up with the utmost suitable and implementable plans, resource assessment to execute those plans, proper documentation of work processes, deployment of resources, continuous evaluation of the project, its quality assurance, maintenance as well as trainings to keep it going.

Project Analysis:
Analysis stage is the most crucial phase, as it lays down the foundation of the whole project management plan. Our highly qualified team of certified professionals conducts a broad and comprehensive requirement analysis before laying their hands on developing project plans. We expend enough time and resources while calibrating the project’s scope to identify specified features and functions that must be inculcated in the product or service in order to deliver the desirable output. As we believe in delivering value not mere results.


We assist our clients in mitigating the risks involved in the project through proper drill beforehand. Chalking down the ultimate scope of the project helps clarifying all the ambiguities regarding project’s definitive purpose, potential stakeholders, resource requirements, and various transition requirements. Creating a scope management plan helps identify the necessary steps to define, validate and control scope. We continuously monitor the status of the project and manage changes accordingly to the scope baseline. Our team focuses on certain variance analysis in order to keep up with the predetermined baseline, hence avoiding any kind of scope creep.

Project Integration Management:
We identify, define, amalgamate, and synchronize the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups. Our proposed plans are based on detailed research and expert judgments i.e. Consultants, Stakeholders, including customers or sponsors, Professional and technical associations, Industry groups, and Subject matter experts (SME) etc. Our team is propelled to assist our clients by liberating them from any hassle. We develop our plans using appropriate techniques to make them highly implementable and output driven. Major plans include:

Scope management plan- we focus on integrating changes in the scope in order to avoid scope variances.

Cost management plan- Various sources i.e. Labor, Materials, Subcontractors, Equipment & facilities, etc become basis for cost management plan. Our competent team develops and integrate plans that are risk aversive and circumvent unexpected adversities. We strive to come up with cost effective plans in order to provide greater value to our customers.

Time Management Plan- It includes creating schedule base lines. We determine minimum project duration by applying different techniques while accounting for any sort of schedule variances by keeping the schedules flexible.

Maintaining Change log- During the course of our services we maintain a change log in order to cope up with any misfortunes arising during the project life cycle.

Project Execution:
We make sure that the project is being executed in accordance with the formally laid down plan. Our comprehensive and well thought of strategies help us to cope up with any adversities coming through the project execution phase. Continuous evaluation of the project by our experts during the whole phase of implementation prevent our clients from facing any grave discrepancies.

Monitoring and Controlling Project Work:
We at dromund Thrack group of companies, strive for high quality monitoring and evaluation of the projects being undertaken. Monitoring and controlling of the project work is an ongoing process that starts from the analysis stage and remains handy till the project is finally delivered. Our team devotes all its efforts in process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan and communicating their disposition.

Closing Project:
Customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority, hence we aim to gratify our customer’s needs by making sure that required output has been delivered in the desired manner. Our efficient team of professionals make sure that the output being delivered shall prove to be a valuable addition in company’s asset, whether in the form of a product, or a service.