Dear Reader,

The Science of perceiving a mere idea or a philosophy of a straight forward project & deliverance to its real requirements gets simpler when we truly have the knowledge, setting and genuine proficiency to support the relevant processes, however in my humble view, the flip side to the very simplicity turns monstrous giving rise to a daunting task to entertain, and this is where most of us are faced with reality and subsequent failures.

At Dromund Thrack, before we lay our hands on anything tangible, an SOP of Sure-Fire is invoked, brainstorming sessions sought, and understanding the core of inconspicuous matters on top of prerequisite technical skillset and expertise are taxed & vindicated, moreover those known essential tools are procured and a fully functional support system is frame-worked to be readily available for our teams to benefit from during the dispen- sation of relevent project or task.

Tahir Nihad Bajwa
Group CEO, Dromund Thrack