Global healthcare industry has and will keep on witnessing a continued demand for construction of modern facilities and expansion of new facilities.
Our aims are:
i. To help a healthcare facility in proper conceptualization
ii. To help in preparing a workable functional matrix, specific to new or existing facility.

Design, Architectural, Construction Dromund Thrack collaborates with leading professionals of Health Care Industry to provide its customers the expertise to plan and design for new projects and install easy-to-modify architectural solutions to meet their needs. We are fully equipped with the ability to conduct market surveys for demographic analysis, propose services that are suited to meet current and future market needs. Our team collaborates with clients as a creative partner to enhance the customer brand and facility value and is dedicated to developing unique solutions that deliver results.

Business Advisory We help our clients solve their most complex problems by combining technology and human expertise. This will help our clients to incorporate best practicable approaches to measure, identify and deploy a robust planning process to ensure organization positive future trajectory.

Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement Our collaborated team has hands on experience in planning, procuring and using new or refurbished / used medical equipment. We can help our customers in planning, organizing and procuring any type of medical equipment.

IT System Development, MIS Our core competency enables us to provide our customers with best suited and effective IT systems / solutions. These systems will be designed to address the evolving strategic and management needs of hospitals and healthcare systems.

Quality Assurance and Process Improvement We know that our success and that of our clients depends on strategic partnerships, we have aligned ourselves with in-house capability of industry leaders in QA automation. Our unique Automation Tool Expert Services puts QA Mentor in an enviable position to work side by side with key automation tool developers.